Alberta Dairy Council Milk Container Recycling Program

Plastic Milk Jug Recycling Information

The Plastic Milk Jug Recycling Program is an industry stewardship initiative through which Alberta's dairy industry supports the voluntary collection and recycling of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic milk jugs. The program came into effect on July 1, 1999.

The Alberta Dairy Council (ADC) has established a Container Recovery Fund financed by the province's dairy processors. This Fund is used to administer and manage the program, including top-up funding, transportation supplements, a communication and education program, and the costs associated with the 'collection only' option.

The Fund provides 'top-up' support payments to registered recycling authorities, i.e., registered municipalities or their designate, to supplement revenues received from the sale of densified plastic milk jugs, up to a level of $400.00 per tonne. For example, if the market price is $150.00 per tonne, the Fund pays a top-up of $250.00 per tonne. If the market price exceeds $400.00 a tonne, no top-up payment applies.

In addition, registered recycling authorities in communities outside Edmonton and Calgary receive a transportation supplement of $40.00 per tonne to defray the costs of transporting the collected, densified milk jugs to market.

Markets for baled milk jugs include, but are not limited to:

Metro Materials, Calgary403-243-5700
Metro Materials, Edmonton780-464-4761
Merlin Plastic, Calgary403-259-6637
Capital Paper, Edmonton780-453-2010
Allied Paper Savers, Edmonton
(also accepts loose jugs)
Capital Paper, Calgary403-543-3322

Application for top-up funding is made quarterly to the Alberta Dairy Council with the first quarter covering the period from July 1 to September 30 in any given year. If the funding application forms for both milk carton and milk jugs are submitted within 30 days of the end of any given quarter, a timely filing incentive of $100.00 per quarter is paid which is over and above the tup-up funding amount. Funding application forms are provided, along with a registration number, upon receipt of the completed registration from.

In Summary, to participate in the ‘top-up program’ for plastic milk jugs, municipalities or their designates must:

  • Register with the Alberta Dairy Council Milk Container Recycling Program
  • Collect, densify and ship to market used plastic milk jugs
  • Sell the milk jugs to a legitimate recycler for fair market value
  • Forward the completed funding application form, along with supporting documents to the Alberta Dairy Council within 30 days of the end of each quarter in which material is shipped to market.