Alberta Dairy Council Milk Container Recycling Program

Municipalities & Recycling Authorities

A spirit of partnership between the dairy industry, the provincial government and the Alberta municipalities is the cornerstone of the program's success.

Many municipalities and recycling authorities have participated in the program since its inception in 1999. This participation, along with the support of the Province of Alberta and the member companies of the Alberta Dairy Council (ADC), has made the program the leading initiative of its kind in North America.

The Alberta Dairy Council Milk Container Recycling Program recognizes the contribution made by the municipalities and registered recycling authorities to the year over year success of this program. Its many accomplishments have been possible in large part because of this spirit of cooperation and partnership between industry and local governments.

The City of Calgary partnered the with the Milk Container Recycling Program to see if a municipal recycling bin disguised as a Holstein cow (white with black spots) motivates local residents to recycle more milk jugs and cartons.